TARDIS School Lockers [pic]

Of all of the different schools I have attended in my life, only one ever had any lockers.  I can’t say I really used mine much since I had a backpack on wheels so carrying around all of my books at once wasn’t a big deal like it was for all of the other students who weren’t smart enough to realize that rolling backpacks were cool.  Unfortunately, the lockers we had were tiny little things and definitely not big enough to decorate (and locks were a big no-no).

However, there are a couple of people that apparently decided to team up and turn their lockers into a TARDIS even the Doctor would be proud of.  However, I assume that neither ever actually used their locker because the police box banner at the top would keep them from opening without having to take it down and put it back up after every time you wanted to get into the locker. I don’t know who did this but they are awesome!  For those interested in a more functional TARDIS locker, check out the one we posted a while back.

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TARDIS School Lockers
TARDIS School Lockers

[Source:  A Tale Told By An Idiot]



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  1. skylar Avatar

    how did you do the inside, or did you just leave it normal?

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