Game of Thrones Chalk Sign at Starbucks [pic]

Don’t look now, but summer is coming!  Actually, it already feels like summer around here with temperatures approaching triple digits.

Well, for those who haven’t been playing attention to know that summer is coming, some awesome chalk artist at a Starbucks decided to create an awesome Game of Thrones themed sidewalk sign to inform you that summer is coming!

If anybody knows who the chalk artist is that created this Game of Thrones chalk masterpiece, please let us know in the comments as they deserve credit!  They definitely made something amazing, even for people who don’t watch Game of Thrones (like me)!

Pass this along to any Game of Thrones fans and Starbucks lovers you know!  Like us on Facebook too!

Game of Thrones Chalk Art at Starbucks
Game of Thrones Chalk Art at Starbucks

[via failblog]





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