Mind Blowing Doctor Who Paper Snowflakes [pic]

I’ve posted some very impressive paper snowflakes on here in the past (just search ‘paper snowflakes’ in the search on the right to see them all), but as impressive as some of them were, they can’t hold a candle to these absolutely mind blowing Doctor Who paper snowflakes.

Sadly, I don’t know who created these amazing Doctor Who snowflakes, but apparently they were given away as part of some kind of Doctor Who crafts contest a few weeks ago.

I honestly am not sure which one is my favorite because they are all so impressive!  The TARDIS and Dalek snowflake is pretty good, but so is the Cyberman paper snowflake and even the Ood paper snowflake!  And don’t forget the Pandorica paper snowflake which is quite impressive too!  I want them all!

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Doctor Who Paper Snowflakes
Doctor Who Paper Snowflakes

[via Doctor Who Crafts]

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