Awesome Star Trek Voyager Cake [pics]

Over a year ago, I posted a couple pictures of a Star Trek Voyager and Borg Cube wedding cake but as awesome as those cakes were, I don’t think they quite have the charm of this anniversary cake.

This Star Trek Voyager cake which not only features the ship with a light up reflector dish, but the Voyager crew, was made to celebrate the 11th wedding anniversary between a couple named Maya and Barry.  This awesome cake was made by chef JB Cada and Stephanie Santos.  For those who want to know all of the yummy details, this is a dark chocolate cake with light caramel frosting.  Voyager is made with sugarpaste (sounds kind of disgusting but I have never had sugarpaste before) and the Voyager crew is edible.

After seeing this cake, I officially declare the 11th wedding anniversary the sci-fi anniversary!

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Star Trek Voyager and Crew Cake
Star Trek Voyager and Crew Cake
Star Trek Voyager Cake
Star Trek Voyager Cake
Star Trek Voyager Cake Close-Up
Star Trek Voyager Cake Close-Up

[via Geeks are Sexy]



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