Link Coffee Cup Sizes [pic]

If Pokemon isn’t your thing, you probably didn’t care too much about the Pokemon coffee cup sizes I posted a while back, but if you are a Legend of Zelda fan, than you are sure to flip over this awesome set of Link coffee cups!  I’m not sure what coffee house is serving coffee in awesome Link cups like this, but I would definitely visit that place often if it was near me, even if I don’t drink coffee!

Depending on what size coffee you want, you can order an 8-bit Link coffee (12 oz.), a Wind Waker Link coffee (16 oz.) or Skyward Sword Link coffee(20 oz).  Not being a Wind Waker fan, I would probably go with any size but that one.

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Legend of Zelda Link Coffee Cup Sizes
Legend of Zelda Link Coffee Cup Sizes

[via That’s Nerdalicious]