Yoshi Egg Baby Blanket [pic]

I can’t really say I have ever been a huge fan of non-traditional shaped blankets, but next to the Legend of Zelda Ocarina blanket I posted about recently, this is one of the coolest blankets I have ever seen!  It might not be as practical as my snuggie, but what baby really needs a blanket with sleeves anyway?

Well, for those that have a love for Yoshi and are in the market for a baby blanket, Etsy seller SheriBFabulous is selling this awesome Yoshi Egg afghan blanket for $150.  This blanket is 4’x3′ so unless you are a really small person, this is probably too small for you no matter how much you may want it for yourself.

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Yoshi Egg Baby Blanket
Yoshi Egg Baby Blanket

[Source:  Etsy via So Geek Chic]



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