How to Make Star Wars Ships from Floppy Disk Parts [pic]

I’m not exactly sure where I have put them, but like most geeks, I still have a box filled with floppy disks laying around somewhere.  Well, Instructables user Jetpack5 decided to give some of those old floppies some new life, as Star Wars ships!

You can find the how-to guide for turning old floppies (and some rubber bands) into Star Wars ships over at Instructables which shows you how to make the Death Star, Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing fighter.  For those that have a lot of floppies laying around, I suspect you could probably make a few bucks by making a bunch of these and putting them on Etsy.

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Star Wars Ships Made From Floppy Disks
Star Wars Ships Made From Floppy Disks

[Source:  Instructables via Neatorama]