Star Wars Death Star Climbing Wall Hold [pic]

I’ve only tried wall climbing like twice and while I enjoyed it, I just don’t have the long arms and legs necessary to get very high.  At best, I can usually get about half way up a wall before my short arms and legs start working against me.  However, of the climbing walls that I have tried, none have ever had awesome holds like this!

Well, a company called Hangfast Adventure Structures apparently makes custom climbing wall holds for those with walls and they even make Star Wars themed holds.  In the case of the picture below, it is an awesome Death Star looking hold although they also have an R2-D2 hold and even a Millennium Falcon hold!  It is almost enough to make you want to install a climbing wall in your yard!

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Star Wars Death Star Climbing Wall Hold
Star Wars Death Star Climbing Wall Hold

[Source:  Hangfast Adventures Structures via Neatorama]