Nintendo Game Boy Watch Boy Wrist Watch for Sale [pic]

I remember always wanting a Nintendo Game Boy Watch Boy back when it was released in 1992.  It seemed like the perfect thing to have since I have the strange hobby of collecting Game Boys.  Well, its pretty rare to see one anymore so when I saw that one has gone up for auction, I became rather excited.  Unfortunately, it looks like it is going to go for a lot more than I want to spend.

Ebay seller ssjgoku444 is selling this old Nintendo Watch Boy which is supposedly in great condition other than a couple minor scratches on the screen.  As of the time of this writing, there is still over 3 days left to go and it is already at $255 with 76 bids.  That is already way more than I would ever pay for a watch but it is taking every bit of self control I have not to bid on this!

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Nintendo Game Boy Watch Boy
Nintendo Game Boy Watch Boy

[Source:  Ebay]