Dalek Wedding Cake Toppers [pic]

I’ve posted a ton of interesting wedding cakes in the past with all kinds of unique toppers, but I think this is the first time I have ever seen any Doctor Who themed wedding cake toppers.  Sure, the obvious choice for toppers for a Doctor Who wedding cake would be the Doctor and River Song but there is something much cooler about Dalek wedding cake toppers.  The best part is you can have these on your wedding cake!

Etsy seller HausofAriella is selling these awesome Dalek wedding cake toppers for $50.  Seems a bit pricy for something you put on top of a wedding cake but what do I know about wedding cakes, I have never been married!  Besides, can you really put a price on cool?

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Doctor Who Dalek Wedding Cake Toppers
Doctor Who Dalek Wedding Cake Toppers

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    While awesome in concept, these are about $6 in Character Builders “Lego-style” Daleks spray painted black and white with a little hat, flower and mesh added. All told, under $10 before counting time spent spray painting and gluing. Spend $15 per pack to get the “Army Builder 5-pack”, $3 on two cans of spray paint, about $5 on the flowers and hats, and $1 on a small patch of white mesh to cut into small squares. Spray one Dalek black (and the hat), and the other white. Let them dry, then glue the hat to the black Dalek and glue the mesh and flower to the white Dalek. Let the glue dry and you’ve got these for far cheaper. I would make two of the others into spares in case something happens, and the third I’d give to the ring bearer to be “holding” the ring inside the box during the ceremony.

    Also, keep in mind these are about 1.5 inches tall. FAR smaller than what you think of as wedding cake toppers. If you choose to use them there, you will need a small cake, or a plastic wedding arch to “fill out” the top of the cake.

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    Great info! Thanks for sharing!

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