Mind Blowing Skyrim Alduin Dragon Cake [pics]

We have a winner!  I have posted probably hundreds of geeky cakes on here at this point and while some of them are quite amazing, I don’t think any of them can compare to this mind blowing Skyrim cake.

This amazing Skyrim cake was made to look like Alduin, the final dragon boss in the main Skyrim storyline, by Vera from Baking Obsession for her son’s birthday.  Here are the yummy details for those who want to make themselves hungry:

It was made of four 13″x18″ sheets of chocolate cake, soaked in strawberry syrup, and sandwiched with bittersweet strawberry ganache (5 lbs of chocolate). Alduin’s core is made of modeling chocolate. His scales, horns, and spikes are made from gum paste. The double-sided wings are half-and-half (fondant/gum paste). His eyes are Swarovsky crystals.

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Skyrim Alduin Dragon Cake Close-Up
Skyrim Alduin Dragon Cake Close-Up
Skyrim Dragon Alduin Cake
Skyrim Dragon Alduin Cake

[via Geeks are Sexy]



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  1. Nicothegreat795 Avatar

    that is unbelievably awesome. me being a fan of Skyrim and cake i think its awsome!

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