Avengers Custom High Heels [pic]

I haven’t seen the new Avengers movie yet (not sure if I will even have time to go see it), but from what I have heard of the movie, it seems to be really good.

Well, for the female Avengers fans out there (or cross dressing guy Avengers fans I suppose), you can be the proud owner of these amazing custom Avengers high heel shoes.  Etsy seller designed4divas is selling these fantastic looking Avengers high heels for $125 (womens sizes 6-11 excluding 9.5 which is sold out).  To me, this almost sounds like a bargain because that is usually around what I pay for a pair of tennis shoes and they don’t look half that cool!

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Avengers High Heels
Avengers High Heels

[Source:  Etsy]

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