Nintendo Game Boy Inspired iPad Envelope Case [pic]

A lot of people seem to think that mobile phones and tablets like the iPad are the future of mobile gaming and I think those people are idiots.  Sure, touchscreen interfaces works great for games like Angry Birds or Worms, but have you ever tried playing an FPS game like  Duke Nukem 3D on an iOS device?  The controls are so bad it is virtually unplayable which makes devices without buttons a joke when it comes to gaming IMO.

Well, if you want to show that you still support real mobile gaming while carrying around your iPad, then I have found the iPad envelope case for you!  Etsy seller MyGeekyBoyfriend is the creator of this awesome Nintendo Game Boy inspired iPad envelope case which can be yours for just $23!  I want!

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Nintendo Game Boy Inspired Apple iPad Envelope Case
Nintendo Game Boy Inspired Apple iPad Envelope Case

[Source:  Etsy]


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