Amazing Final Fantasy Tattoo Remembers Fallen Soldier [pic]

I post all kinds of great tattoos, but none of them ever seem to have any story with them.  Well, this Final Fantasy tattoo has a rather touching story with it.  Back in June, Taylor (the guy in the picture with this amazing Final Fantasy tattoo) sadly lost his brother-in-law in the war in Afghanistan.  Before his brother-in-law was killed, the two had decided to get tattoos upon his return from deployment.

Unfortunately, Taylor’s brother-in-law didn’t make it home to get that tattoo but Taylor went ahead and got one anyway as a memorial to his brother-in-law.  As for why the tattoo is a Final Fantasy tattoo, its because the two bonded over playing Final Fantasy XI.

If I didn’t have the emotions of a Vulcan, that story would bring a tear to my eye.

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Final Fantasy Tattoo
Final Fantasy Tattoo

[Source:  Kotaku]






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