Spider-Man Tattoo Sleeves [pic]

I post some amazing tattoos on here all the time and although I find them to be amazing, I still have no desire to ever get a tattoo.  Well, if you are like me and have no desire to turn yourself into a human doodle but still want to look just as cool as somebody who went through the pain of having a work of art inked into their skin, now you can thanks to the wonderful invention of tattoo sleeves!  In this particular case, Spencers is selling an awesome pair of Spider-Man tattoo sleeves for just $9.99!  Too bad we are approaching summer and it will be too hot to wear these because I’d love to wear some cool tat sleeves like this!

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Spider-Man Tattoo Sleeves
Spider-Man Tattoo Sleeves

[Source:  Spencers]

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