Ghostbusters Invade Pac-Man T-Shirt [pic]

When there is something strange in your video game console, who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!  OK, so perhaps that isn’t as catchy as the original Ghostbusters theme but it seemed fitting for this awesome t-shirt.  The amazing people over at ThinkGeek are selling this fantastic t-shirt featuring the Ghostbusters driving Ecto-1 to chase down a couple of Pac-Man ghosts for just $21.99 (up to $23.99 for XXXL).  I am feeling so inspired by just looking at this shirt, I can’t decide if I should go watch Ghostbusters or just have a retro gaming weekend!  Either way, I want this shirt!

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Ghostbusters Chasing Pac-Man Ghosts Shirt
Ghostbusters Chasing Pac-Man Ghosts Shirt

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

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