Command and Conquer NOD and GDI Jack-o’-lantern [pic]

I can’t say I play as many strategy games as I used to, but growing up, I was addicted to the Command and Conquer games.  Actually, writing for various C&C fan sites was how I got my start in blogging over a decade ago!  Well, although I don’t play much Command & Conquer these days (maybe a few games a month), but it put a huge smile on my face when I saw these amazing GDI and NOD Jack-0′-lanterns created by Trevor Vaughn for Halloween a few years ago.  I don’t think the GDI logo has ever looked so good!

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Command and Conquer Jack-o-lanterns
Command and Conquer Jack-o-lanterns

[via the official Command & Conquer Facebook]



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One response to “Command and Conquer NOD and GDI Jack-o’-lantern [pic]”

  1. Aircraftkiller Avatar

    Remember, it’s Nod, not NOD.

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