This Nintendo 64 Logo Coffee Table Makes Me Jealous [pic]

Not a day goes by that I don’t post something that I would give my left foot to have and this Nintendo 64 logo coffee table definitely fits in that category.  Judging by the four bows, I suspect somebody probably got this amazing N64 coffee table for their birthday or something.  To say that I am jealous of whoever got this would be an understatement!  However, it looks like the glass is just sitting on top of the N64 logo which would make me nervous.  I’m a bit of a clumsy person so I could easily see myself bumping into it and making the glass and everything on it go flying which probably wouldn’t be a good thing.

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Nintendo 64 Logo Coffee Table
Nintendo 64 Logo Coffee Table

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One response to “This Nintendo 64 Logo Coffee Table Makes Me Jealous [pic]”

  1. Sillykiller9 Avatar

    my tae kwon do instructor owns this table

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