Pikachu Prom Dress [pic]

Any Pokemon loving girls out there looking for a prom dress?  Then I have found the dress for you!  Etsy seller darlingarmy is selling this awesome Pikachu prom dress for just $50!  I’ve never done any prom dress shopping myself (and have no plans on starting now), but from what I hear, $50 is a fantastic price!  I will admit that wearing something like this to prom might be a little silly but I can’t say I am really in a place to comment as I blew off my prom to spend the weekend at a sci-fi convention.

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Pokemon Pikachu Prom Dress
Pokemon Pikachu Prom Dress

[Source:  Etsy via Geeks are Sexy]



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2 responses to “Pikachu Prom Dress [pic]”

  1. Amanda Jo Avatar
    Amanda Jo

    It is actually an apron, but either way. I dig it.

  2. […] prom dress, especially if you would rather make your own than buy one.  In the past I posted a really cute Pikachu prom dress which is certainly one way to go, however if you really want to turn heads, I’d suggest […]

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