Delicious Looking Chocolate Millennium Falcon [pic]

I like chocolate almost as much as the next guy, but I think this might be a little much.  Apparently somebody who is skilled at molding chocolate made this delicious looking chocolate Millennium Falcon and then filled it with more gooey chocolate.  This seems like a bit of a chocolate overload to me although I’m not quite as addicted to it as some.  I’m more impressed by the awesome Millennium Falcon mold used on the chocolate.  I wonder if it was a home made mold or if it is something you can buy somewhere?

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chocolate
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chocolate

[via TechEBlog]



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One response to “Delicious Looking Chocolate Millennium Falcon [pic]”

  1. Optimus_past_my_Prime Avatar

    I would totally eat that chocolate Millennium Falcon. Though only for the fact that I like miniatures so I can pretend that I’m a giant. 🙂

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