R2-D2 Beanie Hat [pic]

When it comes to what I wear on my head, I am a baseball cap person and always have been  (currently I am wearing the Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest Hat).  They may not be as warm as hats like this one, but since my eyes are so sensitive to light, I need something that can help keep the sun off of my face.  However, there are those out there that don’t have a light sensitivity (lucky them!) and like to sport their love of Star Wars.  One such person is sporting this awesome knit R2-D2 beanie hat as Etsy seller EricaKnit sold this awesome wool and alpaca hat earlier this year.  Too bad they aren’t selling more!

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Star Wars R2-D2 Beanie Hat
Star Wars R2-D2 Beanie Hat

[Source:  Etsy via Absurdly Nerdly]



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  1. Absurdly Nerdly Avatar
    Absurdly Nerdly

    Thanks for the link! I love finding cool geeky clothing to share around with my internets friends!

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