Deniath Exclusive Sneak Peak: Xappr Gun [pic]

When it comes to gaming on my mobile device (mainly on my iPod Touch since my Motorola i1 Android phone is garbage to put it nicely), I have never thought to myself that it would be a better experience if I could put the mobile device on a gun and play my games.  However, thinking about it, it seems like an interesting idea!  Well, that is exactly what the folks over at Metal Compass have done with this Xappr Gun (which works on Apple, Android and Windows phones) and thanks to deniath, you can get your hands on one cheaper than anywhere else!  Although it is only available for pre-order at this time, it retails for $34.99 but with deniath, you have the chance to get it for just $24.99 (shipping is $15 since it is coming from overseas)!  Similar to sites like Groupon, for this deal to happen, at least 50 people have to use Deniath to pre-order this interesting little accessory. This private pre-sale begins March 12th so you have a couple days to save up your pocket change to pre-order the Xapper (pictured below)!

However, to take advantage of this deal or any other deal that they offer, you must be a member of their exclusive site!  Becoming a member of Deniath is free, but if you want to skip the line and get in now so you can take advantage of this Xappr deal and others, send an email to [email protected] with Global Geek News in the subject.  This invite offer only lasts until March 16th, so fire up your e-mail client before its too late!

One last thing, be careful traveling with this as I would seriously doubt that the TSA goons will have any idea what this is and will suspect it to be an actual gun.

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The Xappr Gun
The Xappr Gun



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