Super Mario Bros + Ghostbusters = Boo Busters T-Shirt [pic]

When there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?  Video game plumbers!  OK, perhaps that isn’t as catchy as the original Ghostbusters theme but it sounds about right for this awesome t-shirt!  Apparently being plumbers isn’t enough for Mario and Luigi to pay the bills so they moonlight as Ghostbusters.  If it wasn’t for the Boo ghosts that they are catching, this idea would make no sense but with them it might just be the coolest mash-up I have seen in some time!  For those interested, this awesome Boo Busters t-shirt is currently on sale for $14 (this week only) over at T-ShirtLaundry.

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Mario and Luigi as Ghostbusters
Mario and Luigi as Ghostbusters

[source:  T-ShirtLaundry via FashionablyGeek]



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