Tarfful and Chewbacca Cosplay [pic]

Its always nice to come across some Star Wars cosplay that isn’t slave Leia, Darth Vader or Stormtroopers.  Those are so common that they almost aren’t very special anymore.  However, its not every day that you see Chewbacca and Tarfful cosplay!  Actually, this is the only Tarfful cosplay I have ever seen.  Marcus and Chewie-changa are the awesome cosplayers inside of these wookies and I think it is pretty safe to say they did an amazing job with these costumes.  I’m kind of curious to know how tall these guys are because they look rather tall, especially the guy in the Tarfful costume.

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Tarfful and Chewbacca Cosplay
Tarfful and Chewbacca Cosplay

[via Fashionably Geek]



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