Star Wars Stormtrooper Ice Cube Tray [pic]

Ever since we got an ice maker put in my freezer, I haven’t really been able to have any geeky ice cubes which makes me sad.  However, for those of you out there that still make ice the old fashioned way, I have a geeky ice cube tray for you!  A stormtrooper ice cube tray!  This would go perfect in any house that already has the R2-D2 ice cube tray I posted about a long time ago.  If you want to give your drinks more of a Star Wars flare, you can pre-order this awesome stormtrooper ice cube tray from Firebox for just $15!  They are expected to begin shipping next week so you won’t have too long of a wait before they arrive.

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Silicone Ice Tray
Star Wars Stormtrooper Silicone Ice Tray

[Source:  Firebox via Geek Alerts]



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2 responses to “Star Wars Stormtrooper Ice Cube Tray [pic]”

  1. shirley Avatar

    How to order?

  2. Jeremy Bray Avatar

    Unfortunately, these no longer seem to be for sale. Sorry! 🙁

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