Half Life Head Crab Cake [pic]

I’ve played video games for over 22 years and have faced some gruesome and bizarre enemies but the one I always thought was the strangest was the head crap from the Half Life games.  I’m not exactly sure what it is about them but I just find them strange and creepy.  I certainly wouldn’t care to eat one!  Well, the guy behind the Hat-A-Cake Tumblr had this cake made for him by his friend Tom for his birthday.  Apparently this awesome cake was filled with chocolately goodnesss.  Sounds yummy but I’m still not sure I want to eat a cake that looks like it is going to eat me.

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Half Life Head Crap Cake
Half Life Head Crap Cake

[Source:  Hat-A-Cake]



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  1. […] think this would go great with the Half-Life headcrab cake that I posted back in December.  Nothing says yummy like a bloody parasite that wants to attach itself to your […]

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