Portal Themed Custom Sunglasses [pic]

When it comes to sunglasses, I am a loyal Oakley fan and have been for probably around 15 years.  However, in the past few years, I am finding it increasingly harder to find a pair that I like from them since their newer styles have a really blocky look to them that I don’t like.  Well, it might be about time to consider getting my sunglasses custom made to my liking after seeing this awesome pair of Portal themed sunglasses.  German custom sunglasses maker Lichtbändiger (warning: the site is in German) apparently made this awesome pair of Portal sunglasses to show off just what they can do.  Too bad I just bought a new pair of sunglasses (Oakley Radar Paths for those curious) or I would be all over these!  Who do you prefer to make your sunglasses?  Let us know in the comments!

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Portal Custom Sunglasses
Portal Custom Sunglasses

[via Fashionably Geek]



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