Amazing Legend of Zelda Arm Tattoo [pic] *UPDATED*

I may be able to put up with that annoying Navi in the Legend of Zelda games but to permanently ink that into your skin would take dedication and guts.  Luckily, that is only a somewhat small part of this amazing Legend of Zelda arm tattoo.  I’ve posted a couple of awesome Legend of Zelda tattoos in the past, but I think this one is my favorite.  However, this tattoo really need a big Triforce on it!  If you have any geeky tattoos, feel free to send us some pictures to pcnerd37 [at]

UPDATE:  Thanks to those in the comments that pointed out that this tattoo belongs to Miranda Covington.  Awesome tattoo Miranda!

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Legend of Zelda Arm Tattoo
Legend of Zelda Arm Tattoo

[via TechEBlog]