Throne of Video Games [pic]

I’ve always been proud of my sizable video game collection but sadly I don’t have enough to make a throne like this.  Pictures like this make me want to go on ebay and blow a bunch of money on old video games that I don’t have to spend just so I can make myself the geekiest chair around.  I guess if I want to do something with my collection of old games assuming I never want to play them again, I could always make myself an SNES game cartridge urinal like I posted a long time ago.  For those curious who the sexy girl is sitting on the video game cartridge throne, that is Stephanie Bendixsen.

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Video Game Cartridge Throne
Video Game Cartridge Throne

[via Geeks are Sexy]






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  1. […] trying to find a bunch of broken video game cartridges and building a throne of video games like the throne of games I posted a long time ago.  However, considering I don’t game as much as I use to and spend most of my time pounding […]

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