Star Wars Ying Yang Tattoo [pic]

I can’t say I have ever cared for the Ying Yang symbol but that is just me.  However, the Star Wars version of it in the picture below is pretty cool.  There is nothing that shows geek balance quite like having the Rebel and Empire logos tattooed on your arm in a ying yang pattern.  It might not be the most impressive Star Wars tattoo I have ever posted but it is definitely the most balanced.

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Star Wars Ying Yang Balance Tattoo
Star Wars Ying Yang Balance Tattoo

[via Geeky Tattoos]






3 responses to “Star Wars Ying Yang Tattoo [pic]”

  1. Thebest Avatar

    It’s “Yin-Yang” not “Ying-Yang”

  2. Revan Avatar

    The rebel and imperial symbols should be switched, unless he’s leaning in the favor that the rebels were the bad guys and the empire was good

  3. pcnerd37 Avatar

    That is a pretty awesome tattoo!

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