Ultimate Geek Tattoo [pic]

I’ve posted some seriously amazing and geeky tattoos in the past but this is probably the ultimate geek tattoo (that doesn’t take up the persons entire back anyway).  This person gets some serious geek cred for combining many geeky icons ranging from Boba Fett to Link and MegaMan into a single tattoo.  If you have any awesome and geeky tattoos like this, let us know in the comments!

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Ultimate Geek Tattoo
Ultimate Geek Tattoo

[via Neatorama]

  • Tk

    I see Cloud, Samus, Megaman, Link, and of course, the Fett

  • Ziggs

    I’m tempted to say that the glove belongs to Magician of Chaos? >.>

  • JimmyJam

    I’ve got a mario sleeve and this is pretty awesome… not as legit and a 6″ inch mario spinx and a 3 inch nes controller… but im a bit biased ;)!

  • Cs

    Pic or gtfo

  • army guy

    its possible… lol thats the only part im confused on… we got fett’s helmet, cloud’s sword, Link’s “Toga?” , Samus’s arm/weapon thing, Mega Man’s Boot’s…. and yea i couldnt place the glove but after seeing that dude up there ^ say that im going to have to agree Dark Magician of Chaos’s Glove on other hand…

  • Brick_tamlin90

    Link’s “Tunic,” just to help you out. =D

  • BillyBob

    I see Cloud’s (FF7) sword, Boba Fett’s head, Link’s tunic, Megaman’s legs, Samus’s shoulder. But the glove and gun arm are losing me…

  • Not being a FF player, I can’t say I even knew with the sword was. I knew it was from FF but I didn’t know the character or anything that it belonged to.

  • OmaYeah

    Gun arm is also Samus. But I don’t know the glove either…

  • burton

    no it is not from the dark magician of chaos, if you look at the card the glove has red on fingers and knuckles and the DMoC has red on only the knunckles

  • Awesome

    *explodes from awesome*

  • Who’s under the mask…….I think it’s yoshi!

  • Soccerpro1254

    gun arm could ether samus or mega man they both have gun arms

  • Hfhv

    It’s missing a Mario mustache .

  • Final Legend of Metroid Wars: Zero

  • km

    i have a friend who has adenosine tri-phoshate structure tattooed on his side…

  • JP

    The glove is cloud’s hand.

  • myes

    The glove is obviously the Nintendo power glove. The greatest virtual reality controller ever made.

  • Peter_Aaron

    What’s more amazing than the pic of the tattoo itself is the debate the nerds will go into afterward as to the specifics of the tattoo’s nerd-world connections.

  • jared nail


  • Shintenshin89oo