Doctor Who TARDIS Duct Tape Bag [pic]

It never ceases to amaze me the things that people make out of duct tape.  I use duct tape all the time to hold things together but I never thought to make a bag out of it, much less as TARDIS bag.  Making a TARDIS bag is exactly what one person did although I don’t think they figured out how to make the inside bigger than it appears so they can carry around more stuff.  Of course you can make your own if you wish, otherwise these will supposedly be available for pre-order soon!

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Duct Tape Doctor Who TARDIS Bag
Duct Tape Doctor Who TARDIS Bag

[Source:  DuctTapeCase via Fashionably Geek]

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who TARDIS Duct Tape Bag [pic]

  1. Thanks for the correction! The site I saw this posted about said they would be available for pre-order soon so I assumed they knew what they were talking about since they are generally very reliable. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

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