Guy Builds Real Life Fallout Pip-Boy 3000 [pic + video]

I’ve seen people make their favorite items out of various video games, but this Pip-Boy 3000 might just be the best.  YouTube user MyMagicPudding is the builder of this piece of Fallout awesomeness and I would say he did a pretty good job with what works.  Unfortunately, there are two problems with this prototype.  First, the lights below the screen that are supposed to be buttons, aren’t buttons.  Second, as you can see in the video, there is such a mess of wires and batteries and stuff on the inside that you can’t wear this on your arm.  It is still awesome though!  If you have made a video game prop, let us know in the comments below!

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Fan Made Fallout Pip-Boy 3000
Fan Made Fallout Pip-Boy 3000

[via Geekologie]



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    Oh. My. Three Dog……

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