Super Mario Bros, Paper Edition [video]

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I remember having to use construction paper for a lot of things in grade school but considering I am not a arts and crafts type person at all, I can’t say I enjoyed it.  However, if we had been given the opportunity to make something as awesome as a paper version of Super Mario Bros like the one in the video below, I might have actually enjoyed it.  It is quite surprising how good the stop motion video below is of a guy that made the first level of Super Mario Bros out of paper.  The only small issue I see with it that keeps it from being 100% accurate is that at the top of the blocks before he jumps over to the flag, he seems to hover a little bit above the blocks which looks kind of strange.  Anyway, check out the amazing stop motion Super Mario Bros out of paper video below!

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[Source:  Jeremiah Warren via Geeks Are Sexy]