Super Mario Bros Yoshi Foot Tattoos [pic]

Maybe its just me, but it seems like the top of your foot would be a rather sensitive place to get a tattoo.  Putting up with that kind of pain in a part of the body that isn’t sensitive would be bad enough but to do it on sensitive skin… no way!  Well, at least whoever got this pair of tattoos got something awesome.  On one foot is Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros franchise and on the other is a cupcake with stars and a red koopa shell on top.  A cupcake tattoo seems kind of odd but whatever floats your boat I suppose.  If you have any geeky tattoos, let us know in the comments!  This tattoo was done by Carly at Five Star Tattoo in Fremantle, Australia for those that are curious.

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Super Mario Bros Yoshi Foot Tattoo
Super Mario Bros Yoshi Foot Tattoo

[Source:  FYeahTattoos via Geeks are Sexy]



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