Strapless Nintendo Game Boy Dress [pic]

Want to make every gamer guy wish he could mash your buttons? Then this Nintendo Game Boy strapless dress is for you! I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between a strapless dress like this and the Game Boy tube dress that I previously posted but I’m a guy so I shouldn’t be expected to know things like that. Either way, I think that this dress looks better than the tube dress but that is just my opinion. Anybody wanting this strapless Nintendo Game Boy dress that is made out of jersey knit and felt, you can order one from HereanThereVintage on Etsy for $70 assuming they come back in stock.

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Nintendo Game Boy Strapless Dress
Nintendo Game Boy Strapless Dress

[Source: Etsy via GeekAlerts]



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5 responses to “Strapless Nintendo Game Boy Dress [pic]”

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  4. PewPew Avatar

    you got any for sale?

  5. pcnerd37 Avatar

    Unfortunately it looks like the Game Boy Dress isn’t for sale anymore but you can probably find other ones on Etsy as I have seen multiple people make them on there.

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