Would you be interested in a Global Geek News newsletter?

For the past week, I have been kicking around an idea of having a weekly Global Geek News newsletter and I thought I would run it by you guys and see what you think and find out if you would be interested in subscribing.

Basically, I have been thinking of creating a newsletter that would go out once a week that would give you 5 more pieces of geeky awesomeness straight to your email that won’t be on Global Geek News.  It would be the same geeky stuff you have come to love Global Geek News for but only those that are subscribed would get to see this geeky stuff.  Sound like something you would love?

The catch?  You would have to pay a monthly fee to be among the exclusive group to enjoy this stuff. It would be really cheap to give you guys a great value, probably like $3-5 a month.  Basically, you would get 20 more items of geeky greatness every month for just a couple of bucks.  It would be a great value!

Now for the big question I am sure you are all asking.  Why?  It boils down to the fact that I am really in the hole with Global Geek News (good hosting isn’t cheap and adsense doesn’t make crap, even with 170,000+ pageviews in the last 30 days) and I need help paying the bills, especially now that I am about to launch two other blogs which I will talk about in the next day or two.  Also, my dream is to blog for a living so if I can reverse the cashflow so that it comes to me instead of the money going out of my bank account, that would put me one step closer to achieving my dream.

So what do you think?  Put your thoughts in the comments!  Would you sign up?  How much would you be willing to pay for the newsletter?  Would you like to see more in the newsletter than just 5 extra geek themed posts?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!






5 responses to “Would you be interested in a Global Geek News newsletter?”

  1. CitizenX Avatar

    I would sign up for your newsletter. I am a snob and you find stuff that makes me grin consistently 

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