Massive R2-D2 in a Minivan [pic]

I’ve posted a lot of awesome R2-D2 pictures in here in the past, most recently the R2-D2 beer mug but this has to be one of the more impressive ones.  A fellow by the name of Darth Len built this HUGE R2-D2 that stands 8 foot tall!  Its made out of 4 refrigerator boxes, 5 air conditioner boxes and 3 dryer boxes and its held together with aluminum tape, duct tape and glue.  It also took 50 hours to build!  Perhaps the coolest part is that it can ride in the back of his Mazda minivan.  Its probably the best way to make that van look cool and geeky.  It gives it a very familiar look for those fans that love Star Wars.  As awesome as this is, I still prefer the Steampunk R2-D2.

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Huge Star Wars R2-D2 in a Van
Huge Star Wars R2-D2 in a Van

[Source:  Flickr via Gizmodo]






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