Epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar [pic] UPDATED

UPDATE:  As many readers have pointed out, this is a bass guitar.  Thanks for pointing it out!

Original Post:

This amazing custom Star Wars Millennium Falcon guitar isn’t the first Millennium Falcon guitar we have posted (this one is) but I think it is the best looking.  If I played a musical instrument (I have no plans to start), I would probably play the guitar just so I could have a guitar this awesome.  However, I would be a bit worried about playing this because I would probably accidentally snap the communications dish off.  If you are a musician and have any geeky instruments, tell us about them in the comments!

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Epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar
Epic Star Wars Millennium Falcon Guitar

[via TechEBlog]

  • connor

    now that, good sir, is a bass

  • God

    You my good sir puts all gamers in a bad spot with that comment… Fail!

  • boumbastik

    it’s a bass

  • guest

    Bass GUITAR

  • Jerd

    Yeah thats a bass…

  • Sinan Alpsu

    I was excited until I saw it was a bass, not a guitar

  • forest

    4 strings. Thats a bass not a guitar.

  • Adam

    A Bass is still a guitar lol. A Bass Guitar

  • Avon

    Bass guitar actualy

  • William

    In this thread: Idiots saying this is a bass, not a guitar; and failing to realise a bass is a guitar.

  • asdf

    If you want to be a musical instrument snob (and correct!), it’s an electric bass. A guitar and a bass instrument are tuned differently.

  • Switch

    Or, to be a bigger snob, they are actually tuned the same. They are in different octaves.

  • Ryu

    That’s a bass…WHICH MEANS IT’S MINE!

  • Ben Gross

    um, I haven’t seen anyone say it correctly. It’s a bass guitar. A bass however is not a guitar, but a bass guitar is. You have to say bass though’ because just a guitar is 2 octaves higher with 2 more strings. so, combine what everyone has said, and then you’re right

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  • corey

    or to be the biggest snob, they can be tuned to anything you want.

  • David

    Thats a Bass….not guitar

  • Kyle

    basses are guitars. that’s why they’re called bass GUITARS. go troll elsewhere

  • whatever

    Yes, it is a bass guitar. Tuned a full octave lower than a regular guitar. It is a pitch based variation, therefore in the same class. Technically it is a guitar, but, on the other hand, there are also over 40 different types and variations of guitars, that’s why we use the word bass guitar, to avoid arguements like this and confusion.

  • caleb

    if you catch it with a fishing pole, it’s a bass. otherwise, there’s the word guitar in there somewhere.

  • scooter

    1. that’s definitely a bass – not a guitar.
    2. if u broke the comm dish then ur def playing the bass wrong.
    3. still pretty awesome bass… although i guess u could get away with calling it a BASS guitar.

  • scooter

    and i’ll add that i said all of below before scrolling down to see that there were comments… sorry – wasn’t trolling

  • Mark

    A bass is a guitar?  Really?  A bass is “based” lol, on the bass violin.  In this case, it is an electric version of that instrument, otherwise known as contrabass, double bass, upright bass, or string bass.  It has nothing to do with a guitar any more than a violin does.  So, smartass, wtf!?  And yes, you can most commonly find it accompanying a guitar in modern music.  But it is not a guitar.

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  • Joey St-Laurent

    Looks like a base to me

  • B10015316

    It’s a bass.

  • Neverdie

    a bass GUITAR… fucking n00bs.

  • Anidem

    You guys are all wrong. That is clearly a bottle of Windex.

  • Zach “Gil” Moore

    i wonder how it sounds though…it looks like the hasbro remake of the kenner Falcon but i wonder if they filled the toy with something …..a bass guitar is still a guitar though..why split hairs when its something this pretty?

    -player of a 1979 fender P-bass with badass tail (just like Matt Freeman did in Operation Ivy)

  • Yameseelabc

    it’s a bass? what a waste

  • Avery Garrod

    I want this so badly!

  • You aren’t the only one! I would learn to play a guitar just to have this!

  • Avery Garrod

    Well, I don’t play bass, but I’d learn, too just to get this. Now they just need an X-Wing 6-sting guitar. I’d get that

  • Yoho

    Its the rebel bass

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