Apple Store iPhone Display Running Windows XP [pic]

I never really thought about it, but having Apple’s iPhone run Windows XP sounds like kind of a neat idea.  I’ve seen Sony’s PSP running Windows 98 and this idea seems even cooler than that.  Sadly, its just the iPhone display in an Apple Store that is running Windows XP.  I find it kind of ironic that an Apple Store display  is running Windows XP.  I am curious to know if that is the case with all Apple Stores or just the one that this was spotted in.  Either way, it makes Apple look like they have little faith in their own operating system.

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Apple Store iPhone Display Running Windows XP
Apple Store iPhone Display Running Windows XP

[Source:  Failblog via TechEBlog]



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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    it runs windows because apple uses specialist third party AV systems to push content to in store displays. most of the video loops are stored on one or more mac mini servers, but the content itself is processed through a box which runs windows in the background so it can be remotely monitored and controlled by the company who provides the AV system. this is no longer the case in most modern stores, as they now use custom-developed hardware and software which links to mac mini and mac pro servers and can be controlled wirelessly by in-store employee iPads.

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