Bowser Accidentally Kidnaps The Wrong Princess [pic]

With all of the kidnappings that seem to happen in the wonderful world of Nintendo, you knew there was going to be a mix-up eventually.  Well, it looks like it has finally happened because in this awesome piece of video game art by DeviantART user Gigei, it appears that Bowser has accidentally captured Princess Zelda rather than Princess Peach.  That probably isn’t going to do much to piss off Mario assuming that was his goal.  Now he is going to have the sword swinging Link hot on his trail.  Oops!

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Bowser Kidnaps Princess Zelda
Bowser Kidnaps Princess Zelda

[Source: DeviantART via So Geek Chic]


2 responses to “Bowser Accidentally Kidnaps The Wrong Princess [pic]”

  1. Jam Avatar

    “I thought you were another Princess.” Not PERSON! This would of been awesome but you messed up something as simple as that. “OOOPS! I thought you were another Princess.” Makes much more sense. Zelda’s a princess, Peach is a Princess. Please correct this who ever is the artist here.

    Good job on the illustration though. Zelda sucks, Peach is the real Nintendo Princess. She shows more love towards Mario and she gots dat ass. You all know it aint the dress makin her like that. :3

  2. maulbeck1 Avatar

    nice reading. nobody on this site drew that illustration it was a guy on deviant art

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