Large Bender Tattoo [pic]

After a long holiday weekend, its time to get geeky again!  And what better way to start that off then with an awesome Bender tattoo!  This awesome Futurama inspired tattoo seems to take up this guy’s whole right side and it has a cool old time look to it with the top hat and monocle.  Perhaps it is just me, but the skin on my side seems to be fairly sensitive so I would think a lot of pain would be involved in getting a tattoo that large.  More pain than I would ever care to put up with which is why I have no intention of getting any ink, even if it does look as awesome as this Bender tattoo.

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Futurama Bender Side Tattoo
Futurama Bender Side Tattoo

[via TechEBlog]





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  1. Futures Passed Avatar
    Futures Passed

    Hah, that’s great! If I was into tattoos and wanted to get any kind of cartoon character, it would be Bender.

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