DIY 555 Timer Chip Footstool [pic]

I love posting geeky things that people have created, but I love it even more when they post a guide on how to make the geeky item for yourself!  In this case, a computer hardware geek has taken a 555 timer chip and made a very large version of it designed to be what I would consider the geekiest footstool ever made.  From the looks of the picture below, it also makes for a great place for a cat to stand.  If I had some skills with woodworking, I wouldn’t mind making one of these for myself.  Hit the source link below for the complete DIY guide to building your own 555 timer chip footstool as well as lots more pictures.  If you have any geeky furniture pictures, feel free to share in the comments below!

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555 Timer Chip Footstool
555 Timer Chip Footstool


[Source:  Evil Mad Scientist via Nerd Approved]


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