Human v 1.1 Hotfix Patch [pic]

I have a considerable number of complaints about the human body so when I heard about this human v 1.1 hotfix patch, I got really excited.  Sadly, people don’t run on software so this isn’t real.  However, it is still pretty funny!  This patch addresses some of my biggest problems with the human body, especially the random cheek and tongue biting issue.  Hopefully version 1.2 will include some fixes like not thinking you have another step to go when walking up or down stairs so that you stumble and end up with your knees in your chest.  I’ve had this image on my computer for a long time so I don’t remember where I found it so if you know the source, let us know in the comments so I can give credit where credit is due!

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Human v 1.1 hotfix patch
Human v 1.1 hotfix patch





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