Epic Portal 2 Sidewalk Chalk Art [pic]

I may avoid chalk like the plague (I hate the dust), but it never ceases to amaze me when people come up with some awesome art with it.  In this particular case, a guy by the name of James Stowe make this amazing bit of Portal 2 (the video game) sidewalk chalk art.  It wouldn’t want to walk on something this awesome anyway, but I would probably step around something like this because having spent so many hours playing Portal, it would probably freak me out to step on a Portal.  Great work James!

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Portal 2 Sidewalk Chalk Art
Portal 2 Sidewalk Chalk Art


[Source:  Art by Stowe]






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  1. […] chalk art.  Especially when compared to the awesome chalk art I have posted in the past, like the Portal sidewalk chalk art, I’d say this turned out really well!  Great job […]

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