Blue Doctor Who Dalek Birthday Cake [pic]

Doctor Who seems to be growing in popularity by the day as evidence by this amazing Dalek birthday cake!  Apparently somebody by the name of Connor got this awesome Doctor Who Dalek cake for their 9th birthday.  If I had a cake like this for my birthday, it would definitely be a happy birthday!  Sadly, I don’t think I can find somebody around here to make me one that looks this nice by Sunday (my 24th birthday).  This awesome cake was made by Mamma Jamma Cakes in the UK.  Happy Birthday to Connor and congrats on the amazing Doctor Who cake!

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Blue Dalek Doctor Who Birthday Cake
Blue Dalek Doctor Who Birthday Cake

[Source:  Mamma Jamma Cakes]



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  1. […] I think we need to have a new rule that says if you are going to have a geeky cake for whatever occasion, you must also send me a piece.  I’m really getting hungry after all of the geeky cakes that I post.  Anyway, somebody had this stunning Doctor Who TARDIS cake made for them and it is beautiful!  The swirl of colors in the time vortex is awesome.  This cake was made my Mamma Jamma Cakes, the same people that made the Doctor Who Dalek cake that I posted a few months ago. […]

  2. […] uncommon as I have posted a number of awesome TARDIS cakes (like this one) and I have even posted a blue Dalek cake in the past, but this is the first time I have ever seen a Cyberman cake and it looks […]

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