Green Lantern and Superman Made from LEGOs [pic]

I love seeing a good LEGO creation, especially when they are geeky, so it put a smile on my face when I saw this awesome picture of Green Lantern and Superman made out of LEGOs.  These LEGO superheroes were created by “LEGO artist” Nathan Sawaya, the same guy that created the Jedi Statue of Liberty that I posted on here recently.  Not including the stands, Green Lantern and Superman measure about 3 feet tall and were created for the Hero Complex Film Festival.  I’m starting to wonder if there is anything that Nathan can’t build out of LEGO.

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Green Lantern and Superman made from LEGO
Green Lantern and Superman made from LEGO


[Source:  Nathan Sawaya’s The Art of the Brick via Forevergeek]





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  2. […] LEGO bricks.  An example of the crazy things that people build with it these days are the awesome Green Lantern and Superman LEGO sculptures I posted about a couple of years ago.  Well, I think I have found a build that is more impressive […]

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