Origami Batman [pic]

I’ve seen some pretty cool origami in the past but this origami Batman is probably the coolest I have ever seen.  This folded paper awesomeness was created by Brian Chan.  Personally, I am more of a fan of the Batman from the tv show in like the 60s rather than this Batman Forever look but this is pretty cool too.  I wish I had some origami skills like this, I would love to make some really geeky papercraft with skills like this.

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Origami Batman
Origami Batman


[via Geekologie]





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  1. […] The love for origami in the geek community seems to be growing because now somebody has taken the art of paper folding to the Star Wars universe.  Its been too long since I have watched all of the Star Wars movies to know if this is supposed to be a specific character or if this is just a generic Star Wars Jedi with a lightsaber but it is still pretty cool.  I think the detail on the fingers that grip the lightsaber is really impressive.  As cools as this is, I think I still prefer the Batman origami that I recently posted. […]

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