Star Trek The Original Series Transporter Beam Quilt [pic]

If you are like me, you are always looking for a geeky way to decorate your bedroom and here is one of the best ways I have seen so far.  For $80 on TheAlligatorBride’s Etsy store, you can buy this awesome Star trek transporter beam quilt!  The down side?  This quilt only measures 16″ x 12″ so it won’t do you much good for trying to stay warm.  However, if you enjoy hanging quilts on your wall and you have a love for Star Trek The Original Series, then you might want to check it out!  There is a picture below for those interested.  Warning!  It says there is only one available and no mention on if this item can be made to order so if you are interested, you better order it before it is gone!

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Star Trek Transporter Beam Quilt
Star Trek Transporter Beam Quilt

[via GeekAlerts]






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