Millennium Falcon Chalkboard [pic]

Need somewhere to write some reminders to yourself but can’t stand having a million sticky notes lying around?  Then perhaps you might want to check out the awesome Star Wars Millennium Falcon chalkboard in the picture below!  This chalkboard is actually a vinyl wall decal that measures 20″ x 14″.  The best part is that this Millenium Falcon chalkboard can now be yours for only $15 on Etsy!  It also comes with a box of 12 colored dustless pieces of chalk.  As much as I love Star Wars stuff like this this, I HATE chalkboards and chalk.  I always hated it as a kid when I was in school because it was too dirty and I didn’t like the feel of it when I was trying to write with it.  Give me a white board with some dry erase markers any day!  May the Force be with your to do list!

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Millennium Falcon Chalkboard
Millennium Falcon Chalkboard

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